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On January 14, 2017, the SCPLOA Board of Directors will be considering the adoption of Architectural Standards to provide consistency and to assist lot owners in planning their projects.  

Click on the link to review the proposed ARC Standards.  These are in draft form and are subject to change based on lot owner input and board discussion.  

SCPLOA Proposed ARC Standards

Click this Survey Link to submit your comments.


On October 1, 2016, the Board of Directors adopted a Waiver of Enforcement for existing, Designated Recreational Vehicle Lot Owners. 

Click here to view a copy of the Resolution and Waiver and a list of the designated lot owners.


Pond project in progress

Pond Progress 1 Pond Progress 2

Pond Progress 3 Pond Progress 4



Pond Special Assessment


On September 4, 2016, the Special Assessment for pond maintenance was approved by a large majority of the members.  Thank you to all those who cast their ballots. 

With its passage, work can begin in November, once the pond is drained and the ground freezes.

Lot owners will be receiving an invoice for the special assessment in about 2 weeks.  Payment is due November 1, but no late fees will be assessed until January 1, 2017.


Swain's Creek Pines Pond Proposal


2016 SCPLOA Election Results


Black bear sighting in Swains Creek, south end of the subdivision at 6:10 am on Saturday, 7/2.

Bear in SCP 

A black bear was seen on the back deck of a cabin on Foxtree Road.  The bear is currently designated ‘level 1’, and the Utah Division of Wildlife (DWR) would like to relocate the bear.  There was also a bear sighting at Lake Navajo the previous Monday, and again at Duck Creek pond the previous Wednesday.  The DWR recommends bird feeders, hummingbird feeders, trash cans and BBQ grills be brought indoors, especially at night.  Please report any bear sightings to (435) 691-2156.  For more information about black bears, click here.


On April 9, 2016 the Revised Resolution and RV Rule #19 were overturned at the Special Lot Owners Meeting and Election. The vote was: 159 to uphold and 220 to overturn. Thank you to everyone who took the time to cast your ballot.

- At the May 14, 2016 Board meeting a subcommittee will be formed with representatives from all units to begin work on possible amendments to the CC&R’s that could be presented to the membership for a vote at the Annual Lot Owners meeting on September 4, 2016.

- Until the CC&R’s are amended, no new RV/Trailer lots will be allowed or approved for placement in any Unit, except in Unit 1A if the RV/Trailer is 30 feet or more in length.

- Amendments to the CC&R’s require the approval of 67% of the eligible membership within each unit.


Click here to review Guidelines, Rules, & Regulations as amended by Special Election on April 9, 2016.


Winters are gorgeous in Swains Creek! Photo Credit: Rudy Delapaz.


Wood Cutting Crew! Thanks for all your hard work!



Perimeter fence, & access to the forest


Prescribed Fires, Swains Creek area.  Click in the link for more info.


To contact the Sheriff for a non-emergency, call 

(877) 644-2349 or (435) 644-2668.



Pets MUST BE KEPT UNDER THE IMMEDIATE CONTROL OF THE OWNER AND ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ROAM AT LARGE OR OTHERWISE DISTURB THE PEACE.  The Kane County Nuisance Ordinance prohibits dogs running at large.  Sheriff Glover attended our June Board meeting and confirmed that his Officers will respond to problems with dogs.  To report problems, call (877) 644-2349. To those who keep their dogs on leash or within their own property, THANK YOU !



 If you have a driveway culvert, it is your responsibility to maintain your culvert.

 Keep it clear of dirt, rocks and limbs. If it is plugged, the diverted water can damage roads and the county grader might plow it out.

 Also, the recommended size pipe is 12 inches in diameter.



Do not discharge weapons within 600 feet of cabins or other buildings!   This is defined in Utah State Statute 76-10-508. 

Click here to view Utah State Law regarding this matter.


The nearest landfill is at mile marker 89, on Highway 89.  They are open Thursday and Friday from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm, and Saturday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

(435-644-5089) LineBreak

Future fundraisers will go toward pond maintenance.  A new fund has been established for this purpose and donations are being accepted.


FAQs has been updated!

Thank you for taking the time to complete the website survey, as the SCPLOA Board needs to hear Lot Owner' concerns.

Here are a few answers to Lot Owner's frequently asked questions and responses to website survey comments!


Neglected properties

The Board often receives complaints from Lot Owners regarding neglected neighboring properties.  As part the Board’s ongoing efforts to maintain the appearance of our development, a review of neglected properties and structures which may be in violation of SCPLOA Governing Documents - Guidelines, Rules & Regulations, Item #16 - STRUCTURES, is being conducted. 

    Upon determination by the Board that a possible violation may exist, a courtesy notification is sent to the property owner informing them of the Board’s concerns and suggested remedy.  This may be followed by further action depending on the resolution of the listed concerns. 

    The most common concerns are structures which appear to be in disrepair and lots which are not being maintained in a scenic manner.  If your cabin and/or lot has been unattended, please clean it up and make necessary repairs to maintain property values and minimize safety and health issues.

    Properties that are not being properly maintained may not only be in violation of our Guidelines, Rules & Regulations, but may also be in violation of the Kane County Nuisance Ordinance No. 2004-4.  Item #24: Improper Maintenance.

So far action has been taken on all properties reported.  Action taken is confidential.


Ambulance and Fire Trucks need access !  Do not park on the roads.


OHV Education Course is available Online !   

Those 8 through 15 years of age may operate an OHV IF they have an Education Certificate issued by Utah State Parks and Recreation, or an equivalent from their home state.  Resident operators 16 years of age or older may operate an OHV if they possess either a valid driver’s license or an approved OHV Education Certificate.  Get your certificate by completing the course at  .  Helmets are REQUIRED for all OHV operators and passengers under 18 years of age.    Looking for a trail to ride ?  Here’s a map .  For more OHV / ATV information, go to



Kane County has implemented an Ordinance REQUIRING property owners post their street address, using numbers a MINIMUM OF THREE INCHES.  Kane County recommends the signs be located near the entrance to the property, unobstructed, legible in both directions, double sided, and reflective. 

ORDINANCE NO. 2007-6  



The first purpose of this ordinance is to improve response time by police, fire, ambulance, and other emergency services.  The Ordinance goes on to say at 4.07 – Violations.  Violations of any part of this ordinance shall be a class “C” Misdemeanor.


**REMINDER** Cabin rentals are prohibited as of January 31, 2013. Our governing documents require all lots be used for single-family, residential purposes only.


Cedar Mountain Fire Protection District needs volunteers !  Only available on weekends ??  You can still volunteer.  For more information, contact Casey Tuttle, Fire Chief, at (435) 682-3225.



EVERBRIDGE can help you !
Everbridge is a FREE reverse 911 Emergency Notification (web based) System
provided by Kane County for the Cedar Mountain area.
It will notify property owners of any type of emergency that would be in
progress in the county.  Property owners can be notified by text, cell
phone, home phone, and/or email.  The property owner decides which method is
best for them. 
Fire Chief Casey Tuttle and CMFPD Chairman Mike Petullo have administrative
rights to use Everbridge to notify citizens of emergencies, such as road
closures, fire, floods, etc.   All property owners are encouraged to sign

To sign up for Everbridge, click here!


Ready to remove your old water tank?  Click here for more information.


The 911 only phone is in place on the front of the barn.
A Defibrillator has been placed on the outside of the barn!




Swain's Stream


Aspen Trees

Beaver Dam

Blue Bird


Large Pine





Snow Pine

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